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Medical Sitting Cycle[GM-2000]

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Medical Sitting Cycle[GM-2000][G&B Meditech]

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01. An innovative cycle that makes workout even by turning backward
What make you feel more difficult when you turn back is because the relevant muscle strength is weak. Now, you can get the exercise effects of walking back through the bike.
02. 43cm maximum length of free riding space
A common indoor cycle has a connection in the middle of the riding space, so it is very inconvenient to get on and off. However, as far as GM-2000 is concerned, the riding space in the middle of the board space is open. Therefore, anyone can get on and off easily and conveniently.
03. Adjustable backrest angle
Sliding rack system of which fine angle is adjustable.
04. Adjustable saddle spacing
Sliding rack system of which saddle spacing is easily adjustable.
05. Production of the single frame
As the single frame with an advanced materials, it is solid and durable.
06. 8-step intensity control
The step-by-step exercise intensity control from step 1 to step 8 is available.
07. Large widescreen
Hangul (Korean language) is used, so anyone can easily view it, and the large widescreen is adopted so much information can be seen clearly and intuitively.
08. Straps to prevent feet-deviation
Suitable for those who are disabled and need assistive pedaling devices, or those who have no power on the feet and slip their feet easily.


Model Name
Driving method
Drum magnetic
Products and parts, assembly tools, Hangul (Korean) guide
Crank method
3PCS and ball bearings used / semi-permanent life
White gray
Saddle adjustment method
Sliding rack system
Frame material
power-coated steel
Drum weight
Product size
Box(before assembly) W275xL1780xH700mm
Power system
Two AA batteries are used only for instrument panel (lifetime: 1 year)
Product(after assembly) W700xL1680xH1140mm
Exercise intensity (steps)
Steps 1-8
Saddle L260xW340xD50mm
Display information
LCD/Setting, up and down readjustment, Total readjustment, recovery, body fat
Backrest L420xW380xD70mm
Display information
Time, speed, distance, numer of revolution, calories, body fat, recovery level
Product weight
54.5kg(weight including box before assembly: 60.5kg)
Pulse measurement
Heart rate check available
Minimum allowable height
ROHS environment-friendly certification
Maximum allowable load
1 year free AS